Disaster Recovery and Backup

Online storage is best suited for applications that require constant, instantaneous access to data, such as databases and frequently accessed user data. Offline storage is used for applications where infrequent serial access is required, such as backup for long-term storage. Near-online storage applications require quicker random access compared with offline storage, but do not require the continuous, instantaneous access provided by online storage. The fact remains that as data grows, requirements are going to grow for online, near-online and backup storage. Storvantage can help Architect and implement a solution that provides the quickest recoverablity while helping to mininmize your ongoing back up costs.

Storage Consolidation

With the proliferation of Enterprise applications the amount of servers and data has grown exponentially over the last few years. This has put a strain on the human capital of many enterprise’s IT organizations and has introduced unwanted complexity.

Storvantage can help your enterprise architect and implement a solution that helps to reduce the complexity, increase availabilty and improve performance for these applications.

Database and Collaborative Applications

An enterprise's crown jewels is often contained within critical databases that it runs. In addtion collaborative applications such as Notes and Exchange are the lifeline of an organization. Can your enterprise afford to have downtime with these critical applications. Storvantage can help architect and implement a solution that has unsurpassed reliability, availability and recorverabalility for these business critical applications.